Shielded Patients

Please see below information received from the Senior Medical Officer of Wales regarding the different at risk groups.

‘At risk’

Large groups of patients that would usually be at risk of flu – these should practice social distancing. These are essentially those group of adults that would receive an annual flu vaccine. They do not need to stay at home for 12 weeks but should strictly adhere to the social distancing guidance:

‘At high risk’

A smaller sub-group, defined by the Chief Medical Officer – should practice complete social distancing. These are extremely vulnerable patients who should have received a shielding letter from the Chief Medical Officer advising that they isolate at home for 12 weeks and not go out. If a patient is unsure whether they should be in this category they should refer to this website for guidance on the criteria for ‘High Risk’ group:

If you fit the criteria contained in the above guidance and have not received a letter, please contact the surgery.

Patients were identified through secondary care coding data and through centrally held prescribing data, not through information that is coded in their electronic GP Record.