Veterans’ Information

The Armed Forces are recognised as being an integral part of our society. Wales as a whole provides about 10% of the Armed Forces population in the UK. In recognition of the great service that our Armed Forces personally have provided and continue to provide to their country the Welsh Government has put in place a number of measures to ensure that Veterans and those currently serving are not disadvantaged due to their time in the Forces.

The definition of a ‘Veteran’ being used is ‘someone who has served for at least one day in HM Armed forces, whether as a Regular or a Reservist’.

Have you ever served in the UK armed forces as a regular, Reservist or through National Service? Please inform the practice.

If you have a need relating to your time in service, you may be eligible for a healthcare priority.

Haygarth Doctors are pleased to announce that we now have a Veterans’ Champion – Steph Bufton.

Please visit the Veterans NHS Wales website.