Prescriptions / Dispensing

We have a dispensary in both Hay and Talgarth Medical Centres.

Dispensary Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 5.15pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Bank Holidays Closed

Routine prescriptions can be collected during normal surgery opening hours

Prescriptions for controlled drugs must be collected during the Dispensary opening hours as stated above.

Have you been to an English hospital and been charged for your prescription?

If yes, please click here for an information leaflet on how to claim reimbursement.

Help us Reduce Waste

A huge amount of medication and dressing are wasted every week.  Boxes and bags of unused medication and dressings are returned to the Medical Centres every week for disposal.  Once an item leaves the premises, it cannot be re-used.

Before you order your repeat medication and/or dressings, please check exactly what you need for the next month.

If you don’t really need it, please don’t order it.

Uncollected Prescriptions

Any dispensed medication not collected from the Medical Centre within 8 weeks will be returned to our Dispensary stock.  Please ensure if you order repeat medication that you collect it promptly.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in several ways :-

Repeat Prescribing System :
On collecting your prescription, indicate which medicines you will need for the following month on the right-hand side of your prescription sheet and hand to the Receptionist. Your prescription will be ready to collect at the correct time the following month without any further contact with the surgery.
If the pharmacist collects your prescription for you, please speak to your pharmacist to find out how they can help you with this new system.

By post :
send your repeat slip by post to:
The Dispensary, Medical Centre, Forest Road, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford, HR3 5DS

All repeat medication requests from Talgarthpatients will still be actioned by the Dispensary at Talgarth Medical Centre.

By hand :
post your repeat slip into the box in the surgery waiting room or through the letterbox if the surgery is closed.

On-line :
If you have access to the Internet, you can order repeat prescriptions on-line by registering at My Health Online – the secure, on-line service. You will require a registration letter from the surgery which gives you an Access ID and PIN number. If you would like to use this service, please give your name to a Receptionist at either Hay or Talgarth Medical Centre or click here to download the request form which should be completed and returned. A registration letter will be sent to you. This service is available to adult patients only. My Health Online HERE

Please ask the chemist about their prescription collection service if you are a non-dispensing patient. Please note – patients must not ask the doctor or nurse for repeat prescriptions during visits for acutes – please ask at the reception desk. Please remember that the doctor will need to see you at regular intervals to review your condition. Always leave yourself enough medication in case you need an appointment. We have approximately 8,000 patients registered at the practice and in order to provide a safe, efficient service we ask that you allow us 2 working days notice to process your repeat requests ordered on-line, by post or by hand.

Barcoded Prescriptions

You may have noticed that your prescription now has a barcode printed on it in the white space at the bottom next to the GP’s details.

The barcode acts like any other barcode and stores prescription information ready for the community pharmacy to scan.  There is no ‘hidden’ information in this barcode, only the information that can be seen on the prescription.

The benefits of using barcodes are that they automate the capture, storage and retrieval of information and thus will provide a more modern, safe and efficient service between GP’s and community pharmacies, improving the process of dispensing medication.

The barcoded prescription is only seen by the NHS health professionals that usually deal with your prescriptions.

Prescription Queries

The dispensary staff will deal with all prescription queries either at the desk or over the phone at the allotted time. The staff are instructed by the doctors to query any requests for changes to medications and any early issues. ALL medications must be approved by a doctor, the staff are not allowed to add any medication to a patients list and unfortunately they are not allowed to prompt for drug names due to errors. It is therefore very important that you know what you are taking otherwise the staff will not be in a position to help you.

Serving the Patient

We apologise if at times you are kept waiting at the desk for your prescription but as soon as your prescription has been filled you will be attended to. If the dispensary is very busy there will be a short wait for acutes. It is very important that the staff give full concentration to each item dispensed to ensure that errors are avoided so for your safety and that of other patients please be considerate and wait to be served. In line with National guidelines, it is practice policy to issue or dispense 28 days supply of medication at any one time. Due to Government legislation all patients are required to sign the back of their prescription. We dispense for all patients who live outside the 1 mile radius from the chemist and to those with special dispensation from the NHS Business Service Centre, Swansea.

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