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Appointment Update
Coronavirus - 16th March 2020

As from Monday 16th March the practice will only be offering telephone or video consultations for routine and emergency GP appointments. If the doctor feels you need to be seen they will make appropriate arrangements and advise you accordingly.

Making a Routine Appointment

We will still be providing some routine nurse/HCA appointments, i.e. childhood immunisations, certain women’s health appointments and some urgent blood test appointments, please telephone reception for further information.

In response to increasing waiting times to see a GP, Haygarth surgeries introduced a clinical telephone triage system to ensure we manage the increased clinical workload. This will ensure each patient ALWAYS sees the most appropriate clinician within an appropriate period of time.

When contacting the surgery either by telephone or presenting at the desk to request a routine appointment with a GP –

This is an extension to the triage system which is in place for on the day GP appointment requests.

Due to the introduction of Total Triage, making appointments via My Health On-Line has been suspended. However, please note that appointments can still be cancelled via My Health On-line.

Access to Medical Records

The Practice works within the scope of the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.

Automated Arrivals

Automated arrivals allows patients to book themselves in for pre-booked timed clinic appointments via a computer screen located in Reception, saving sometimes timely queues at the desk. A step by step guide is available on the touch screen - it is very easy to use.

Please do try out automated arrivals when you visit the Medical Centre in Hay or Talgarth for your next appointment.

Please Note : Patients booking Emergency appointments, which work via a sit and wait service, will need to book in via Reception as normal.

NHS Number

Everyone registered with the NHS in England and Wales has their own unique NHS number. Each NHS number is made up of 10 digits and it helps healthcare staff to find your health records.

Whilst it is not essential for you to know your NHS number, it is very helpful if you are able to give it to NHS staff who need to find your health records.

Babies born in hospital in England and Wales are given an NHS number soon after birth. A baby born at home will receive an NHS number when the birth is registered.

Blood Tests for Hospital Consultant

If you are asked to have a blood test by a Hospital Consultant or following a hospital clinic appointment, please note the following :-

Please refer to the blood request form handed to you by the hospital.

We would also ask you to note that the results of these blood tests go to your consultant and do not come back to the surgery.

Car Parking

There are good car parking facilities at each Medical Centre. This car parking is reserved for patients attending the Medical Centre and members of staff. Please do not park in the Medical Centre car parks for any other reason.

Changes to Registration Details

Please inform the reception staff if your name, telephone number or address have changed. It is important that we maintain an accurate record of our registered patients.

The Practice is computerised and registered under the Data Protection Act.

Complaints / Problems / Queries / Suggestions

Our Practice Manager, Mrs Gwyneth Gore, is available to help with any complaints, problems, queries or suggestions of a medical / non-medical nature. Should you have any concerns, please put them in writing to The Complaints Administrator, Hay Medical Centre.

Dental Problems

If you have a dental problem, please visit a dentist. For advice on emergency dental treatment, contact NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47.

Disposal of Medical Sharps

Powys County Council no longer collect medical sharps waste (e.g. used injections, needles or lancets) from patients' homes. Unless you receive a home collection for other types of clinical waste (such as infectious dressings or dialysis equipment) then you will need to return all your sharps waste to a community pharmacy.

When your sharps disposal bin or box is full (most containers have a 'fill line') please seal it securely and take it to your community pharmacy. Staff at the community pharmacy will accept the full container from you and provide you with an empty one if you need it.


Staff at the community pharmacy can advise you on the safe use and storage of sharps.

If you have any queries or would like further information, please contact your community pharmacy.

Ear Irrigation

Please note Haygarth Doctors do not provide an ear irrigation service for patients. Powys Local Health Board provide an ear care service out of Brecon Hospital and Glan Irfon and your doctor will refer you when appropriate.

Facilities for the Disabled

Hay and Talgarth Medical Centres endeavour to meet the needs of patients with disabilities. Both have easy access for patients who are wheelchair users. We have a loop induction facility at our reception desks for patients with hearing problems. We have lifts to allow patients access to medical services on the 1st floor of each Medical Centre.
If a patient indicates that they need any practice documents in large print, simplified language and/or produced in colour tone we can meet all reasonable requests.

Freedom of Information

Please click here to download a copy of our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.

Health Visitors

There are two Health Visitors attached to the Practice. Health Visitors are registered nurses with further training in working with babies, children and families in the community. Every child under school age will have a Health Visitor.

Your Health Visitors are :-

Andy Williams who is based at Hay Surgery Tel. 01497 822117

Jane Fletcher who is based at Talgarth Surgery Tel. 01874 713014

Emphasis is on working with pre-school children and their families and this includes home visits, assessment of need, health promotion, child development, parental mental health, child safety, baby massage, information on childhood immunizations, nutrition and infant feeding, breast feeding, dental health and
accident prevention.
In addition we can offer advice on behaviour difficulty, sleep problems, minor illness and potty training etc.

Baby Clinic is run weekly and parents drop in for health advice and to meet other parents :-

Hay Surgery Thursday 9 am to 12 noon

Talgarth Surgery Wednesday 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

The Health Visitors also link closely with other services such as Social Services, School Nursing, Midwifery, Speech Therapy, Housing and Child Protection.

Home Visits

Generally patients will be expected to come to the surgery to be seen unless genuinely house bound or their condition dictates they need a home visit. Patients requiring a home visit will be seen by the Emergency Doctor for that day who may ring to discuss the reasons and timing for a visit. It will not be possible to give specific times for visiting as this will depend upon the workload of the day.

Please note requests for home visits must be made before 10.30am Monday to Friday. Any requests received after 10.30am will be triaged by the Emergency Doctor.

As we are not an emergency service urgent problems at home require an ambulance. Patients should dial 999 for emergencies. We follow the local medical committee's guidelines on home visiting.

Midwifery Services

This Practice offers midwifery services to patients in accordance with current guidance and protocols. The midwife care is lead from Brecon War Memorial Hospital.

A midwife runs a weekly surgery from Hay Medical Centre on a Thursday afternoon.

Click here for Powys LHB maternity services website

Once a pregnancy is confirmed it is advisable that the patient meets with their local midwife to discuss the pregnancy and the options available for future care which will be individually planned. The first meeting with a midwife will probably last over an hour so that pregnancy related issues can be fully discussed, such as screening tests and all aspects of ante-natal care on offer plus advice on healthy life style. The first meeting with a midwife can either be at home or at the Birthing Centre at Brecon War Memorial Hospital at a convenient time. The Birthing Centre can be contacted on 01874 622443. Follow up ante-natal care with the midwife will be at the surgery by appointment.

Patients are either booked for delivery at the midwifery lead centre in Brecon or at the consultant lead units at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny or County Hospital, Hereford as appropriate.

Post natal checks are undertaken by the patients General Practitioner at approximately 6 weeks after birth by appointment at the surgery.

Out of Hours Service

Monday to Friday, 6pm to 8.30am, weekends and bank holidays.

If you have a severe problem such as difficulty in breathing, chest pains or heavy bleeding you should call 999.

If you need care that cannot wait until the surgery is open, please ring 111 which is a free number. If phoning from a mobile you may be unable to connect to this number - you will then need to phone 0345 46 47 instead.

Telephone advice on a range of medical conditions is available from NHS Direct 24 hours a day. Their number is 111.

Patients Transport

If you experience difficulty travelling to hospital appointments, Powys Local Health board offers a service whereby patients can obtain advice, information and make bookings for hospital transport.

When you call, an advisor will assess your transport needs and provide information on the most suitable method of travelling to your appointment. 
If you meet eligibility criteria hospital transport can be arranged for you.
For further information on travelling to hospital appointments, please ring:

Powys Local Health Board Contact Centre on
01686 613200 or 0845 840 1234*

(*This is a ‘Lo-call’ number charged at 3.95p per minute to BT customers.  Call charges may vary with other providers.)

Please note the surgery cannot book transport.

Private Fees

Not all services at the Practice are available under the NHS. Where patients request non-NHS services, such as HGV or PSV medicals, a private fee will be payable – this must be paid when booking the appointment. Some fees carry VAT at 20%. Private fees are payable in advance.

Registering with the Practice

To register with the Practice you will be asked to complete a Family Doctor Services Registration Form giving basic information such as name, address, date of birth, NHS number and details of your previous doctor etc.
It is very helpful if you are able to give your NHS number to NHS staff who need to find your health records.
You will also be asked to complete a New Patient Questionnaire and to attend for a new patient health check with one of our Health Care Assistants.


Please treat our staff with the same courtesy and respect that you would expect to receive from them. We have the right to remove a patient from our list if they are deemed to be violent and aggressive towards members of the primary care team and any other persons on the practice premises.


Your blood/urine sample will be sent to the laboratory for analysis and to be reported on. A clinician will review the results of the blood/urine tests and mark them with a comment. This process usually takes around 5 working days.

After 5 working days have elapsed, it is your responsibility to contact the surgery to:

• Find out if the tests are back and have been reported on by the clinician
• What the results are and what the follow up plan (if any) is.

Hay Medical Centre, Please telephone after 2pm on 01497 822100
Talgarth Medical Centre, Please telephone after 2pm on 01874 713000

Please note we cannot disclose your results to any other person, unless you have given written consent.

Sick Notes

Self Certification Forms can be obtained from your Employer and will cover you for the first week. A Sick Note will be required from your doctor only after 7 days absence from work. Sick notes cannot be issued immediately, please allow 48 hours. They can be back dated if appropriate. If you require a Sick Note from your doctor for insurance purposes a fee will be charged, a receipt can be issued if required.

2-Way Text Messaging Service now available at Haygarth Doctors

If you have provided the practice with your mobile number then we may contact you via our Text Messaging Service.

The practice currently sends text messages to patients to invite them to contact the surgery to make an appointment to review their chronic disease. We also use the text messaging service to notify patients of health campaigns, such as flu clinics etc.

We have now expanded the Text Messaging Service to include appointment reminders for patients who have an appointment at the practice with either a GP, Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant.

If you have a mobile telephone number recorded on your contact details and you have made an appointment to see a clinician at the practice then you will receive an appointment reminder via text, (provided you have not opted out). If you wish to cancel the appointment you can text back ‘cancel appointment’ up to 48 hours after receiving the reminder message (up to 2 hours before the appointment).

If you would be happy to receive a text message reminder about your booked appointment at the practice, please check with reception that the details we hold for you are up to date. However if you do not wish to receive text message reminder, please inform reception.

We do occasionally encounter problems trying to contact patients regarding health matters because the address or telephone number we have on record is out of date.

Please let us know promptly if any of your personal details change.


Has your Doctor referred you for an x-ray at Hereford Hospital? or Have you recently had an x-ray at Hereford Hospital?

The staff at the hospital may tell you that the results of your x-ray will be forwarded electronically to your doctor within a couple of days.

However, please be aware that because we are a 'cross-border' practice, this is not possible. The hospital is unable to send us the images or reports electronically. Therefore it will take approximately one week for your GP to receive the report.

If you have an appointment booked to review your x-ray it would be prudent to contact the surgery to find out if the report is available for your GP. It may also be appropriate for you to request a telephone consultation to discuss the report.

Zero Tolerance

The staff members of Haygarth Doctors have the right to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. They should be able to do their jobs without being verbally or physically abused. Most people respect this. Thank you for being one of them.

In cases where the staff feel a patient is abusive, threatening or violent, the patient will be reported to Management who will contact the Police and obtain a crime reference number which will be kept on record.

Please note we now record all telephone conversations for staff training, for triage management purposes and to protect staff from verbal abuse.

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