We thought it was time we shared some of the lovely compliments we receive from our patients :-

"Wanted to thank everyone for what we are doing, he said he is very appreciative and thinks we don't get thanked enough - March 2020"

"A big thank you to all of us and thinks we are doing amazing staff - March 2020"

“Expressed deepest thanks and gratitude with the support given over the last few months. Was very impressed with the virtual ward and the support from across the whole team - February 2020”

"Think the surgery is fantastic. All staff are brilliant, particularly Reception and Healthcare Assistants but including the Doctors and Nurses. Get cross if hear people moaning about the surgery." - Nov 2019

Compliment from visitor to Hay Medical Centre - "Receptionist who was on duty booking visitors into the session was very good. Helpful, pleasant etc as well as dealing with 3 x patients already in the queue. People are always too ready to complain about this and that, but slow with compliments. So, credit where credit is due, she was very good and gave a good impression of the Practice." - Oct 2019

“Patient wanted to pass on that she thinks we are all wonderful at Haygarth and always very, very helpful - September 2019”

“Patient says thank you to staff - everyone professional and helpful - September 2019”

“Think this is a fantastic surgery, believe that the system works extremely well. Get annoyed when read or hear bad things about practice – August 2019”

"Patient now left the practice after having been registered here for over 50 years – thanking all for care and attention received – May 2019"

"New patient, very pleased with surgery, thinks triage is an excellent idea and 'so much better' than other systems' - April 2019"

"Patient said this was the best GP surgery he has ever been to, thinks the triage system is brilliant – February 2019"

"Patient commented she was very impressed with our services here and the communication between them. A vast improvement over the area she has recently moved from – January 2019"

"This practice is like heaven compared to my last – it is exceptional"

"I would like to express a big thank you for the excellent service in spite of the fact I was late for my appointment. Highly professional, friendly, efficient and a pain-free experience. Gratitude to all the GP's, nurses, receptionists and other support staff who do such amazing work at this surgery - against increasing odds affecting the NHS currently in terms of funding, resources available etc. You still give the best healthcare in difficult circumstances. Angels all. With much gratitude and hope for a better future for the NHS, its workers and those entrusted in your care."

"New to the practice, says very impressed with everyone and everything encountered so far"

"Thank everyone for the kindness and care given, big thank you to the triage nurse"

"Very complimentary re: practice. Practice Nurse comforting and very impressed with manner. Made to feel very safe and instilled her with confidence"

"New patient commented on how good and efficient the service is at Haygarth"

"I would like to say a very big thank you to all the staff who made my visit to Talgarth Surgery a pleasant experience. They were all swift to assist, efficient and very friendly. I was even allowed to choose the time of my next appointment. Well done and thanks again".

"Thank everyone for their care and attention over the past year – feel the triage system works well"

"I am sending this letter to put on record my gratitude for the dedication and professionalism shown by the doctors and staff at the Haygarth Practice. I have not specifically mentioned any doctor or member of staff because, whoever I visited, I have always found the same response"

"Wonderful care and support"

"Really impressed with the triage system. Used twice and got excellent advice and referral first time and prompt appointment on 2nd occasion"

"Thank you so much for all the time and care you have given to our Mum"

"Thank you so very much for all your excellent care, kindness and treatment"

"Thanks everyone for the kind and professional help received over the years"

"What a wonderfully efficient system you have here"

"Thanks for how wonderful everyone is and how much you’ve helped the family"

"Heartfelt thanks for your dedicated services. Your kindness and help will be remembered always"

"Sincere thanks for the wonderful assistance and great and friendly team who we have dealt with over the past years"

"What a lovely doctor, she is extremely good at her job"

"Empathetic and very efficient"

"Thank you to your very generous hearted staff who were very reassuring and kind"

"Well run surgery, helpful receptionists and a great team of doctors"

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