Annual Review 'Birthday Clinics'

• Asthma/COPD
• Coronary Heart Disease
• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Stroke/TIA

If you have been diagnosed with one or more of the above conditions we will write to you around the month of your Birthday inviting you to make an appointment for your annual review.

The letter will give you specific instructions relating to your condition(s) and advising you what to tell the receptionist when you are booking your appointment. If you have more than one of the listed conditions you should inform the receptionist at the time of booking - we hope to complete your review in one appointment, however, please note, this may not always be possible depending on your review requirements.

We hope that you will accept the invitation to attend for your annual review, however if you feel you wish to decline the invitation, please complete and return the slip at the foot of the letter. This will opt you out of review appointments for one year only. You may like to make a note in your diary that we will be commencing flu vaccinations in October, bookable from mid September.

There will still be 'opportunistic access' to the clinical team for annual reviews. If you visit Hay or Talgarth surgery and have not arranged your annual review appointment, our staff may invite you to stay to be seen for your annual review when you will be seen by a health care assistant and/or nurse or doctor.

To ensure we have your correct contact details, please download and complete the data form and return it to your usual surgery.

Once a week at each site. Midwife run.

Child Health / Immunisations Clinic
Weekly, by appointment.

Women's Health
By appointment with Practice Nurse. See LINK

Chronic / Long-term Conditions
Diabetes / Heart Disease / Respiratory.



These clinics are to help you, our patients. If you receive a letter inviting you to attend a clinic and you don't want to, then let us know. Please don't just ignore the letter and not turn up for the appointment - telephone your surgery or call in and speak to a Receptionist. If you don't let us know we cannot allocate the appointment to another patient and it is a waste of clinical time.


The Physiotherapist works from Hay and Talgarth Medical Centres and from Bronllys Hospital.

Self Referral

Do you think you need physiotherapy?
You can now see a Physiotherapist without having to see your GP first. A Self Referral Form can be downloaded – click here to download and print – or is available from your local hospital or GP surgery. The form must be completed in full and returned to the Physiotherapy Department at Bronllys Hospital (details on the form).

Important - Please note this service is not available if you are under 16 years of age or have neurological, breathing or gynaecological problems.

If you have any concerns about using the Self Referral Form you can be referred to physiotherapy in the usual way by your GP – please make an appointment.

Not sure if physiotherapy is right for you?
Physiotherapy can be particularly beneficial if you are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, recent injuries such as strains/sprains or joint and muscular pain.

What will happen next?
A Physiotherapist will look at your form. Depending on the nature of your condition you may be placed on a waiting list for physiotherapy. We try to see urgent referrals within 4 weeks and routine referrals within 10 weeks. When you reach the top of the waiting list we will send you a letter asking you to phone to make an appointment. If you have any concerns you should make an appointment with your GP.

What can I do to help myself in the meantime?
Research has shown that resting for a day or so does not help and may actually prolong pain and disability. You may need to modify your activities initially, but the sooner you get back to normal activity the sooner you will feel better. Getting stiff joints and muscles working can be painful but this is a normal response and not a sign of damage. Feeling a bit sore initially is also normal and often a good sign you are making progress. Changing your position or activity frequently through the day will help to prevent and reduce stiffness. Try to build your general activity gradually.

Over the counter painkillers can be helpful. A Pharmacist will be able to advise you on the appropriate tablets. If your symptoms continue to worsen you may wish to see your GP.

Hot or Cold?
If you have an old injury, you may find that holding a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the affected area for 10 minutes reduces pain, while for a new injury (hot and swollen joint) you can use a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a damp towel for 10 minutes. NB. Be aware that hot and cold can burn and that you need to check every 5 minutes that your skin does not become very red or blotchy. If this happens, stop.

Information provided by Physiotherapy Department, Bronllys Hospital

Medical Examinations

Private medical examinations are carried out by appointment only at times agreed with the doctor. Please ensure you state it is for a medical examination when booking the appointment. There will be a fee, payable in advance. Please ensure you bring all paperwork. Eye tests must be carried out by an optician.


The mobile breast screening unit visits the area at regular intervals. Appointments are sent out from a central location by Breast Test Wales or Hereford & Worcester Health Authority as appropriate. See LINK

Travel Clinic

A risk assessment form for vaccines for travel must be completed and returned to the practice before making a travel appointment.

Download our Risk Assessment form for Vaccines for Travel here.

The practice is able to provide a basic provision for patients wishing to travel abroad and can provide all of the NHS vaccines.

Please note this practice is not a travel clinic therefore if specialist travel advice is required or specialist vaccinations are needed (for example rabies, yellow fever) this must be sourced from a specialist travel clinic. Malaria prevention tablets can be purchased from most high street chemists.

The following NHS vaccines for travel are available in Haygarth surgery:

Please allow at least 6-8 weeks prior to departure date to help us to try to meet your travel vaccination needs.

Download or collect the Risk Assessment form for travel vaccines, fill it in and hand in at Reception where the Receptionist will be able to offer you a telephone appointment from the dates available. During this telephone consultation, the nurse is able to assess what vaccines are recommended and book an appointment at the surgery to administer the recommended NHS vaccines.

You can obtain advice on the vaccines recommended for your destination of travel from the NaTHNac website:

Any other required vaccinations for travel are available from:

Nomad travel clinic –

Boots – travel –

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